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Combining compassionate personal care with an integrative medical approach

At DeVito Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, we provide our patients attentive and individualized medical care to help each adult and child attain and maintain optimal health and wellness.


We are a membership-based practice that focuses on providing chronic medical care and wellness care. Initial visits are typically 60-120 minutes to obtain a comprehensive health history and fully address all concerns or questions. All visits are attentive and not rushed. Any calls or emails are responded to in a prompt and personal manner.


Since we do not offer acute or urgent care appointments (such as for sick visits or injuries, see age exceptions), any acute or immediate medical issues will need to be evaluated and treated by your Primary Care Physician or an urgent medical care center.


We do not accept insurance. However,  if you have out-of-network coverage, you may be eligible for reimbursement from your insurance plan or may utilize your Health Savings Account.  We will submit the insurance claims (when applicable) electronically as a courtesy to you.  Please refer to our pricing information for office visit fees.


We are accepting new patients into the practice, but we currently have a wait list for new appointments. We schedule new patient appointments whenever an opening in our membership becomes available as the number of membership spots are limited. Please call the office for more information.


Membership Overview:


Since the beginning of our practice at DeVito Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (in 2008), we strive to maintain the highest quality of care while providing accessibility to as many individuals and families as possible.

Back in 2011, we transitioned to solely focus on preventative, wellness care and chronic medical conditions. This allowed us to re-open our practice to new patients.


In 2014, we became a membership-based practice and have made available cognitive behavioral therapy and body composition testing (i.e. percent body fat, lean muscle mass, and other parameters) in our office as well.

As our membership practice has evolved, we found that most of the current and incoming members of the practice have multiple medical issues that fit well with a membership model which allows for a physician who can coordinate the periodic ordering of biochemical blood tests and other necessary medical tests, communicate with specialists, and conduct timely in-office or telemedicine (video) visits with an additional line of communication via email and phone.

Why membership?

One of our primary motivations in moving to a membership model is to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.  We believe this allows us to provide the best long term care for our patients. Having a membership-based practice means that we can keep a smaller, more focused practice and spend quality time with patients.

Being able to dedicate more time to each patient's healthcare can significantly optimize one's recovery to better health. Individualized evaluation and treatment allows us to focus on prevention to catch potential problems early, which can lead to fewer serious medical interventions and costs down the road.   This is especially pertinent for patients with multiple medical issues that may require regular monitoring, symptom management, and nutritional guidance.


Another benefit to the membership model is easier access to ongoing communication via email and telemedicine (video) follow-up appointments.  This not only offers reduced office-visit requirements, but also enhances the individualized treatment plans and health outcomes.

Although it is difficult to make a one-size-fits-all membership that takes into account everyone's unique needs and preferences, we believe membership provides the best value for our patients.  Our ultimate goal is to provide individualized care that supports long-term health and wellness.  Other benefits are reduced-to-no wait times, increased schedule availability, in-office blood draws, unrushed visits, thorough follow-up, and a focus tailored to your own health needs - all with an integrative approach that includes both conventional and complementary medicine.

For more information on membership, please visit our FAQs or feel free to call our office.

Contact Us:



180 White Road

Suite 201

Little SIlver, NJ 07739


Our practice offers:
  • Adult and pediatric medical care

  • Integrative medicine

  • Wellness visits

  • Chronic medical care

  • Integrative nutritional counseling

  • Women's health

  • Patient health portal

  • Email access to the physician

  • In-office phlebotomy draws

  • and more....

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