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Patient Portal

With the patient portal, you can securely sign in and access your own information. The patient portal is only available for members of the practice.


For issues that may require direct medical attention or for acute concerns, please call the office instead of using the portal's messaging system. Messages sent via the portal will be responded to within approximately 24-72 hours.


  • Established members can call the office during business hours to obtain their user name and/or password

  • Messages from the portal to your personal email account will be sent from the following email address:

  • Do not write to this email since it only sends automated messages. Send questions/replies via the portal only

  • Adding this email address to your contacts list may help your email account identify portal mail and avoid the spam mail folder


Web-based Patient Portal Features:


  • Messages - Send and receive messages to and from our office

  • Appointments - Request a new appointment and view upcoming appointments

  • Medication - Request a prescription refill from a pre-populated list of currently refillable prescriptions

  • Labs - Review and examine lab reports

  • Statements - Review current and past statements

  • Demographics - Enter or modify personal information and other demographic information

  • Reminders - Receive reminders from the office about when the next appointment or lab is due

  • Referrals - List of prior referrals and ability to request new or existing referrals

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