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 Membership information

One of our primary motivations in creating our membership model is to strengthen and maintain the doctor-patient relationship and to provide the best long term care. Having a membership-based practice means that we can keep a smaller, more focused practice and spend quality time with patients.  It allows more time to dedicate to each patient to individualize their healthcare, which can significantly optimize health. This allows us to work more thoroughly with each patient, focus on prevention and catch problems early, which can lead to fewer serious medical interventions and costs down the road.  This is especially pertinent for patients with complex medical issues that may require regular monitoring, symptom management, and nutritional guidance. In addition, allowing easier access to ongoing communication via email and telemedicine (video) follow-up appointments offers not only reduced office-visit requirements but also enhances the individualized treatments and positive health outcomes.  Although it is difficult to make a one-size-fits-all membership that takes into account all those affected - especially with something as important and personal as healthcare – we believe membership is valuable for patients by providing individualized care with a goal of long-term health. Other benefits are reduced-to-no wait times, increased schedule availability, in-office blood draws, unrushed visits, thorough follow-up, and a focus tailored to your own health needs, all with an integrative approach that includes both conventional and complementary medicine.


Your decision to join the membership occurs at the conclusion of your second visit to our office.

Generally speaking, your initial visit with Dr. DeVito will last around 60-120 minutes in order to take a comprehensive approach to your health. The discussion includes a full history of your health, addressing any medical concerns, reviewing your current medications and/or supplements, an examination, body composition test (as indicated) and recommendations for next steps.  This typically includes ordering of blood tests and any other necessary testing (i.e. stool tests, radiographic studies, etc.).  The high majority of tests ordered by Dr. DeVito are typically covered by your insurance provider.  Fees for tests that may not be covered will be discussed at the time of your visit.

At your second visit, Dr. DeVito will review all test results and discuss treatment options with you.  He will determine a comprehensive plan that may include lifestyle modification (i.e. dietary changes, type of exercise regimen, sleep hygiene, meditation, etc.) and begin or make changes to medications and/or nutritional supplements.


After your second visit, you will have the option to enroll in membership with the practice in order to continue to follow up with Dr. DeVito.

Membership fees and availability for enrollment.

Membership fee is $85/month for the first family member (of any age) in a single household and $75/month per person for each additional family member in the household.

The membership fee is charged to your credit card every month beginning from the date you enrolled and is processed via paypal (you do not need a paypal account, it is simply our credit card merchant for this transaction).

Please see office visit fee schedule for rates. Please see the chart below which includes additional benefits you receive as a member.


The number of members in the practice will be capped, ultimately allowing Dr. DeVito to continue to provide personalized attention and time to your healthcare, while further increasing access to Dr. DeVito and reducing visit scheduling delays.

Given the health successes experienced by patients in our membership-model, we are confident you will experience benefits to your overall health.  With this in mind, there is no long-term membership contract. However, a 30-day cancellation is required if for any reason you feel membership no longer suits your needs.

If membership is cancelled, eligibility to make additional appointments and rejoin the practice will require a two-year waiting period from the cancellation date at which time you would then need to be placed onto the current wait list.  This is to be fair to those on the current wait list.

Questions regarding signing up for membership?

Your decision to join the office membership will be discussed with you in further detail at the conclusion of your second office visit.  Please see our FAQs for further details.

Membership chart

* Body Composition testing is conducted (if necessary per discussion with Dr. DeVito) at each in-office visit at no additional charge.  There is a $30 fee for a Body Composition test done  at a different time than an in-office visit.

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