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Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided Frequently Asked Questions below. Clicking on the question will link to responses. Please feel free to call the office with any further inquiries.





What types of services are available to patients of the practice?

  • Chronic medical evaluations and related follow up appointments

  • Wellness and related follow up appointments

  • Well-child visits / Physical examinations / Pre-Operative clearance evaluations

  • Sick/acute care visits for members under 3 years of age

What services are not available to patients of the practice?

  • Appointments for sick, acute injury or urgent office visits, aside from members under 3 years of age

  • After-hours phone consultations with Dr. DeVito (aside from the age exception above or an issue related to a chronic medical condition, i.e. high blood pressure, high glucose level, etc.)


Who do I choose as a Primary Care Provider (PCP), since Dr. DeVito cannot be my designated PCP for my health insurance plan?

We suggest that you remain enrolled with your current Primary Care Provider (PCP).  for those who currently do not have a PCP or are changing PCPs, our office can provide local recommendations.  In addition, many patients utilize the various local urgent-care or walk-in healthcare centers for any sickness or injury issues.

How does my health insurance plan affect me if I am a new patient of the practice?

If you have a Managed-care health insurance plan (i.e. typically an HMO plan), please be sure to have another physician as your designated Primary Care Provider (PCP).  Please check with your insurance carrier to determine if you have "out of network" coverage, since your visit with Dr. DeVito would be considered a consultation with a non-PCP.  If you have a Non-Managed-care health insurance plan (for example: PPO), then you do not need to designate a PCP.  Please note the types of appointments available to patients of the practice (see above).

Each patient is financially responsible for the visit fee at the time of service.  If you have a health savings account, HSA (or flex spending account, FSA), you can use this method of payment for any visit.

We electronically submit visit claims to your insurance company (when applicable) as a courtesy to you.  Thereafter, you may receive partial or full reimbursement from your insurance company if you are eligible for out of network benefits.

For those with Medicare insurance: we have been out of network with Medicare since 2016.  However, we can provide you with your visit bill summary (this is not a claim).  You then mail this bill summary along with completed Medicare form 1490-S (download from the Medicare website - see link below) to receive any potential reimbursement from Medicare or your secondary health insurance carrier.

LINK:  The Medicare mailing address for those living in N. Jersey is:


Novitas Solutions

PO Box 3030

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-1802

Membership fee for the practice is not covered by health insurance plans.

How do I schedule a visit with Dr. DeVito as a new patient and do I have to become a member?

When scheduling a first appointment with Dr. DeVito as a new patient, please contact our office to ensure you have completed all of the necessary paperwork (some forms can be completed online via this website).

At your first visit, you do not need to determine if you will join the membership.  However, at the conclusion of your second visit, you are required to either 1) become a member of the practice or 2) choose not to join the membership.  If you decide not to enroll in the practice membership, any future visits with Dr. DeVito would require a minimum of one-year wait time, in addition to being placed back onto the wait list.  This limited membership availability is to ensure that we can continue to offer high quality, comprehensive care to those who choose us to help them in achieving optimal health and wellness.

What should I expect at my initial (first) and follow-up (second) visits with Dr. DeVito?

Generally speaking, your initial visit with Dr. DeVito will last around 60-120 minutes in order to take a comprehensive approach to your health.  The discussion includes a full history of your health, addressing any medical concerns, reviewing your current medications and/or supplements, an examination (as needed), body composition testing and recommendations for next steps.  The next steps typically include ordering of blood tests and any other necessary testing (i.e. stool tests, radiographic studies, etc.) which are completed prior to your second visit.  The high majority of tests ordered by Dr. DeVito are typically covered by your insurance provider.  Fees for tests that may not be covered will be discussed at the time of your visit.

At your second visit, Dr. DeVito will review all test results and discuss treatment options with you.  He will determine a comprehensive plan that may include lifestyle modification (i.e. dietary changes, type of exercise regimen, sleep hygiene, meditation, etc.) and begin or make adjustments to medications and/or nutritional supplements.

After your second visit, you will have to option to enroll in membership with the practice in order to continue to follow up with Dr. DeVito.

Can the doctor review blood test results with me via a telemedicine (video) or phone appointment?


Yes, members may schedule telemedicine (video) or phone appointments for bloodwork review or additional concerns that may arise prior to one's nxt planned in-office follow-up visit.  However, this option is available if deemed clinically appropriate by Dr. DeVito. Telemedicine (video) and phone appointment fees remain time-based, although are at a lower rate than in-office visits (see fee schedule for details).


How does membership with the practice work?


Members of the practice pay a monthly fee for membership.  Membership includes reduced visit prices, and many other benefits provided in this membership information chart.  The membership fee is charged to your credit card every month beginning from the date you enrolled and is processed via paypal (you do not need a paypal account, it is simply our credit card merchant for this transaction).

Given the health successes experienced by patients in our practice, we are confident you will experience benefits to your overall health.  With this in mind, there is no long-term contract required.  However, a 30-day cancellation is required if for any reason you feel membership no longer suits your needs.  Lastly, if membership is cancelled, eligibility to make additional appointments and rejoin the practice membership require a two-year waiting period from the cancellation date and then placement onto the wait list.  This allows for others on our waiting list the opportunity to join our practice as well.

What are benefits of being a member of the practice?

One key benefit in membership is that the number of members in the practice will be capped, ultimately allowing Dr. DeVito to continue to provide personalized attention and time to your healthcare, while further increasing access to Dr. DeVito, our office, and reducing visit scheduling delays.

Other benefits include: body composition testing, option for convenient telemedicine (video) or phone appointments, expedited email access to Dr. DeVito, priority phlebotomy scheduling in our office, and expedited forms/refills.  See membership information chart for further details.

Who can be a member of the practice?

Anyone can become a member.  However, you will have the option to enroll in membership to join the practice by the conclusion of your second visit to continue receiving care at our office.

The number of members in the practice will be capped, ultimately allowing Dr. DeVito to continue to provide personalized attention and time to your healthcare, while further increasing access to Dr. DeVito, our office and reducing visit scheduling delays.

What are the fees to be a member of the practice and how are membership fees collected?

Membership fee is $85/month for the first family member(of any age) in a single household and $75/month per person for each additional family member in the household.  Please see the membership information chart which includes benefits you receive as a member.

The membership fee is charged to your credit card every month beginning from the date you enrolled and is processed via paypal (you do not need a paypal account, it is simply our credit card merchant for this transaction).

I'm concerned about the cost; and why is there a membership requirement?

Our primary motivation in creating our membership model is to strengthen and maintain the doctor-patient relationship and to provide the best long-term care.  Having a membership-based practice means that we can keep a smaller, more focused practice and spend quality time with patients.  It allows more time to dedicate to each patient to individualize their healthcare, which can significantly optimize one's health.  This allows us to work more thoroughly with each patient, focus on prevention and catch problems early, which can lead to fever serious medical interventions and costs down the road.  This is especially pertinent for patients with multiple medical issues that may require regular monitoring, symptom management, and nutritional guidance.  In addition, allowing easier access to ongoing communication via email and telemedicine (video) or phone follow-up appointments offers not only reduced office-visit requirements but also enhances the individualized treatment plans and positive health outcomes.

Although it is difficult to make a one-size-fits-all membership that takes into account all those affected - especially with something as important and personal as healthcare - we believe membership is valuable for patients by providing individualized care with a goal of long-term health.  Other benefits are reduced-to-no wait times, increased scheduling availability, body composition testing, unrushed visits, thorough follow-up, and a focus tailored to your own health needs, all with an integrative approach that includes both conventional and complementary medicine.

How do I sign up?

Your decision to sign up to join the office membership will be discussed with you at the conclusion of your second office visit.

Please refer to the membership information chart to review the membership details.

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